Samsung Digimax S730-Freezing the brilliance of Samsung

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Samsung Digimax S730 – Samsung has carved a name for itself in the consumer electronic market and the behemoth hardly puts a foot wrong. Yes! Of late it has been plagued by quality concerns but its latest offering shows no sign of paltriness. We are talking about the Samsung Digimax S730 Digital Camera. The camera is well poised to take the Samsung baton ahead.


Samsung Digimax S730-Freezing the brilliance of Samsung

Samsung Digimax S730-Freezing the brilliance of Samsung


High-resolution with great zoom facility

It has a high-resolution digital camera that adds the true-color filter of 7.2 mega pixel CCD. What this means is that the quality of a picture is enhanced manifold. It also allows for printing up to poster size. This is in addition to the 15x combined zoom. You maybe tempted to ask how? Well! It has 3x optical and 5 xx digital zoom which makes it a sum total of 15x zoom.


Advanced Shake Reduction

Its advanced shake reduction minimizes on the bottlenecks of camera shake in dim light conditions. Flash photography in dark settings deteriorates image quality and color. ASR helps in cutting out flash from the photographic sequences and produce brighter, sharper and more natural images with mock élan. Thus the over-exposure and harshness from a low-lit image becomes a thing of the past.


Samsung Digimax S730-Freezing the brilliance of Samsung

High sensitivity

It has a high sensitivity function that perfectly adjusts the specifications of the digital camera to ambient exposure condition subject to a high of 1000 ISO. This allows for more natural images inside home even when the paraphernalia is a little blurry. The steady shooting is even more emphasized once we understand the ergonomic grip. It lets us hold the camera in a very steady manner which adds to the possibility of steady shooting. In fact, at 136 grams, it is quite easy to be handled anways.


Scene modes

It has various scene modes which make for a more illustrative image in accordance with the given scene. For instance, there are the close-up, sunset, dawn, fireworks, snow and beach modes to be utilized in these particular surroundings. Macro mode functions down to 5 cm, which happens to be a revelation when compared to industry standards. . It also has a white balance technique with cloudy, fluorescent, custom and many more settings.


Editing table

Once the image has been taken, it can be taken to the editing desk by pressing the editing button. It will allow you to re-size, rotate, crop (through a zoom rocker), and tone down (saturation) among other things.



Sometimes, in dark settings, flash is prohibited, for other times; it offers auto flash, auto flash with red-eye reduction technology, and fill-in flash. The flash can work for 3 mm in wide-angle mode and 2.5 mm for telephoto mode.


Burst test

It has passed the burst test, being able to mop up five distinct photographs within ten seconds and allowing for the buffer to clear in as less as sixteen seconds. It has also passed the landscape and the portrait tests with ease. It shows hardly a blur while the transition of color takes place over the landscape mode. It’s a master even with the sunny conditions. This means that the repertoire is fairly large. It’s good in dim conditions and equally good in sunny ones.


And the noise

It also effects noise reduction to very low levels for greater image clarity.


Dull points

For the negatives, it has a dull design and leaves a plasticky feeling in the hand.



Presently it can be obtained for 109 pounds flat.



It comes with a battery and an AC adapter and best deals may include a USB.


To look for

It operates amazingly in burst mode which is quite a trick up its sleeve when compared to many identical gizmos from different brands.

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