A New Smartphone Accessory by OnePlus Power Bank on Its Way!

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Innovation is something that OnePlus has always believed in. they have always come up with the products that have something different in them. This year, they have maintained the tradition and have decided to come up with the 10,000mAh power bank. This new battery was introduced last year in December. The introduction entailed the specifications and features of the new product and it created quite a high level of excitement among the customers.


A New Smartphone Accessory by OnePlus Power Bank on Its Way


A New Smartphone Accessory by OnePlus Power Bank on Its Way!


The new power bank battery that is supposed to be launched on 17th of March would cost Rs. 950 to the customer. If you live in America or Europe, you will have to pay an amount of $14.99 or EUR 15.99 respectively.

The Google+ account of the company was used as a source of announcing the release date of the new product. The features of the new Power Bank are phenomenal. By its looks, it would resemble the smart phone accessories that are launched by the company and have Silk White and variants of Sandstone Black and having the dimensions of 142.8×72.6×16.2mm. Other features of the product include USB ports that are two in number for charging reasons. According to the reports, the product would require up to 5.5 hours to get fully charged.


When the new product was introduced in December last year, the price was also mentioned to the customers. After that, nothing related to the price of the new product launched by the company has been spoken of. It is now being considered that the device will come with the same price as it was mentioned in the introduction event.


The company has produced 12 smart phone accessories till now and all of them are amazing. Be it the Tempered Glass Screen Protector or the OnePlus One Protective Case, the OnePlus One Bamboo StyleSwap Cover or the OnePlus One Flip Cover, all of them have been a huge success. There are rumors of a new product being launched by the company in the month of April that is not still known to anyone. Let’s wait for the surprise!

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